VirtuRoam is an eSIM management app that eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and prevents the hassle of excessive data roaming charges when travelling.


VirtuRoam is an eSIM management app that saves the hassle of excessive data roaming charges when travelling, allowing users to store and manage multiple eSIM profiles on their devices, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards.

It is a metric system that drives revenue for all game publishers by showcasing a better understanding of how their games perform amongst their target market, on social streaming platforms, with content creators, and in different communities with the power of analytics and insights.

80 hours


Sole UX/UI Designer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Travel & Lifestyle Industry


Through this app, users can seamlessly switch between different mobile networks, activate new data plans, and manage their connectivity preferences wherever they are.

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The inspiration

Do you know that nightmare scenario everyone jokes about—what if one day the Wi-Fi just stops working and everyone is forced to actually 'go outside' and look up to the sky away from our phones for once?

Yes, well, that happened to me, except I wasn't dreaming.

On Friday, July 8, 2022, I experienced something that I never expected to see in my lifetime. For a whole 19 hours, if you were a customer of the most popular cell and internet company in Canada, Rogers Communications, you were without both a wireless and internet connection.

There was no way to call 911 or any emergency services, no way to report to work or school, nothing. This caused countrywide havoc among the 11.3 million Rogers customers in Canada. If I had known what an eSim was back then I wouldn't have spent almost 24 hours in a coffee shop working stressed. This unforgettable situation inspired VirtuRoam.

Real-world example of product demand

We live in the golden age of convenience and have the ability to do almost anything at our fingertips. We're past the times of having to go buy calling cards or download unreliable apps to speak with whomever we please across the globe.

The Global System for Mobile Communications predicts there will be 850 million eSIM smartphone connections globally by 2025, growing to 6.7 billion by 2030.

We've popularized free-texting apps reliant on the internet instead of prioritizing enhancing our stable mobile connection infrastructure. I live in Canada with some of the highest wireless costs averaging $144 in comparison to 40 other high-paying countries in 2021 and still experienced limited connectivity as proven in my story above.

The opportunity to create a product that enhances wireless connectivity standards arose. And with my inspiration in mind, the research for VirtuRoam began.

The global telecommunications market in 2021 was valued at...

Research for guaranteed success

The research goals were:

  1. Identify the challenges users face when managing mobile network connections and traditional SIM cards.
  2. Determine the level of familiarity users have with eSIM technology and their understanding of its benefits.
  3. Identify which features users consider essential for managing eSIM profiles and network connections.
  4. Explore users' perceptions of data security and privacy when using an app to manage their eSIM profiles.
  5. Collect insights on the desired user experience for an eSIM management app, including ease of use, visual aesthetics, and user-friendly navigation.
Marketing analysis

The research investigates insights into the ways eSim companies incorporate communication, information access, navigation, productivity, safety, and social interaction.

Market research was carried out on VirtuRoam's direct competitors to optimize the user experience for VirtuRoam.

Direct competitors

Apple, Instabridge, and Airalo were the top direct competitors.

These competitors are eSim platforms, and they were analysed in three different metric categories:

  • Amount of data provided in plans
  • Plan pricing
  • Custiomization of eSim profiles

Indirect competitors

Social Blade and Google Analytics were the top indirect competitors.

Social Blade is an online platform that provides analytics and statistics for various social media platforms and content creators.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that helps website owners and marketers track, measure, and analyse various aspects of website and app performance.

These competitors are sole metric-analysing platforms, and they were analysed in four different metric categories:

• Pricing and plans
• Revenue
• Social media metrics
° Overall growth/game development
What were their strengths, and which ones were implemented into VirtuRoam?

Direct competitors:

  • Apple's eSim manager is seamlessly integrated into the iOS operating system in 17 countries. Apple has an advantage because you do not need to download an app.
  • Instabridge is a worldwide community of people who share Wi-Fi passwords that also offers eSims. It has over 200 million app downloads and a presence in over 180 countries. It offers features for its premium plans, such as a VPN and offline maps. It also offers an incentive: for every 1 GB purchased, they give away 1 GB of data to someone in a developing nation.
  • Airalo offers eSims with data that has over 5 million users in over 170 countries worldwide. It has user reviews on its platform, allowing customers to rate their experience with purchased eSims.

Some strengths seen from competitors that were implemented were:

  • Keeping up with regulatory changes for eSim technology in various countries.
  • Ability to view a map and an eSims connectivity range.
  • There are different tiers of plans, each with its own special benefits.
What were competitors' weaknesses, and what was learned from them?

Direct competitors:

  • Apple's eSim pricing relies solely on what your mobile carrier provides and is only available to use in 17 countries.
  • Instabridge relies on user-generated data, so the reliability of listed Wi-Fi networks can vary, and it is also ad-supported.
  • Airalo focuses solely on data for their plans; while this is suitable for many travellers, those who require traditional voice services may need to explore other options.

Some weaknesses seen in competitors that were avoided were:

  • Availability of eSims in a limited number of countries.
  • Relying on users for the information provided instead of having the information users would need directly on the app.
What were the key takeaways from the marketing analysis?

Direct competitors:

  • Apple's strong focus on making the process of integrating the eSim to your phone easy is something that will be implemented into VirtuRoam.
  • Instabridge thrives because of the different features offered for different plans and this is something that will be implemented into VirtuRoam.
  • Airalo has an easy user interface to navigate this is something that will be implemented into VirtuRoam.
Market research-inspired added features

Based on research from the market analysis, these were the features that would bring the best user experience.

Profile Customization

Allow users to assign custom names and labels to their different eSIM profiles (e.g., "Work," "Travel," "Home").

Usage Monitoring Alerts

With usage monitoring alerts, set your daily, weekly, or monthly usage limit. VirtuRoam will send out push notifications when users are almost at capacity and top-up data if needed.

Emergency Services Information

Depending on which country the eSim's plan is activated in, information is provided on that country's EMS Services and embassy information.


Video tutorials are available on the app so customers know exactly how to download our eSims in addition to being emailed instructions.

User interviews

A series of in-depth interviews were then conducted to identify users' mobile usage patterns, attitudes, experiences, and challenges related to mobile network connections.

To understand, we interviewed users who:

  • Frequently travel.
  • Are avid phone users.
  • Are business personalities in the business world that complete consistent trips.
  • People from different continents to widen the variety of service providers.
I interviewed 10 travellers across different continents.

Here's what they had to say...
— Traveller who has visited 20 countries
I went on vacation and got stuck with over $300 in roaming fees when I returned. My phone company only offers high-priced roaming plans.
— Business person who takes business trips every 2 months
On business trips, I have to pay $30/day to access roaming, it's ridiculous but I have to be able to keep in contact with clients at all times.
— Frequent traveller who has visited 3 continents
I used to keep my phone in airplane mode on vacation, and only use the resort's Wi-Fi but then I discovered eSims thankfully.


90% of users expressed concerns about how unreliable their mobile connection can be when travelling.


50% of users feel unsafe when accessing Wi-Fi that is not their home network.


100% of users mentioned they were unsure of how exactly eSims works. As it is a relatively new technology.


60% of users were frustrated with the current pricing of both their phone plans and access to data when travelling.

Dashboard mockup
100% of users would be willing to test VirtuRoam.
POV & HMW Statements

After gathering insights about VirtuRoam users' characteristics, goals, needs, and pain points directly from the source, their needs were refined into point-of-view reflections and "how might we" questions to better understand how to solve them.

POV Statement

As a business looking to adopt eSIM technology amongst all our employees who are often on business trips, we require dedicated support.

How might we ensure clear instructions for businesses looking to recommend or enforce our eSIM app to their employees?

Answer: The first time the app gets downloaded, there is brief information on what VirtuRoam provides and how there are ways to get support before users even get to create an account.

POV Statement

As a first-time eSIM user, I need a user-friendly and intuitive activation process to feel confident in adopting this new technology.

How might we simplify the process of activating an eSIM for our first-time users?

Answer: VirtuRoam has a device compatibility checking tool, data usage push notifications, dedicated live chat support, a FAQ section, and an installation guide after purchase.

POV Statement

As someone who travels very often, I’m looking for cost-conscious data plans that fit within my budget.

How might we make our eSIM plans affordable?

Answer: VirtuRoam interviewed people from 3 different continents to compare various types of mobile carriers' pricing from all over the world.

User personas

Three main user personas emerged out of the research and interviews that would best benefit from using VirtuRoam.

business people
  • Value the connections and networks they've created
  • Very reliant on their mobile devices and often go nowhere without them
  • Entrepreneurial spirits
  • Strong technical skills and attention to detail
  • Businesspeople aim to reduce telecommunication expenses by selecting cost-effective eSIM plans that match their specific usage patterns and needs, especially when travelling internationally
  • Businesspeople aim for great time management and efficient solutions for managing connectivity without disrupting their schedules
  • Secure authentication methods, encryption, and mobile device management solutions are needed to protect sensitive business data and ensure compliance with company policies
  • Quick and reliable connection to access information, whether it's industry news, market updates, or data related to their projects
  • Direct means of communication with their growing community to ensure their needs are met.
Pain Points
  • Needing constant access to fast and reliable data consistently
  • Tracking and managing wireless expenses can be challenging with multiple eSims
  • Have extensive networks, both personal and professional, that they maintain across different regions or countries
  • Very health conscious, and emergency services as travel can sometimes be physically demanding
  • Knowledgeable about local safety and security issues and take precautions to stay safe while travelling
  • Creating satisfying games for users that increase revenue and profitability
  • Long-term strategic alliances with brands, influencers, and other industry stakeholders to expand reach within their companies and new markets
  • Player engagement and user retention to ensure new and familiar users play each game released
  • Access to eSIM profiles that provide global coverage, allowing them to stay connected
  • Access to responsive and knowledgeable customer support is essential, especially when encountering issues or questions while travelling
  • Information and support related to international regulations and compliance, such as eSIM activation procedures in various countries
  • Integration with other travel-related apps and services, such as airline and hotel booking apps or navigation tools, can enhance the overall travel experience
Pain Points
  • Time constraints when travelling and needing fast and reliable connection and information are essential
  • Keeping track of eSIM-related expenses, especially for extended trips with multiple destinations, can be challenging
gaming influencers & content creators
  • Passionate about their chosen gaming niches
  • Adaptable and flexible in staying up-to-date with trends, algorithms, and features
  • Discovering and playing popular games to create content that will grow channel(s) and their brand
  • Growing a community of consistent and growing viewer
  • In-depth information on trending games to create content with
  • Targeted efficient marketing strategies of their content to reflect good engagement, stable viewership, and earn partnerships with gaming companies for sponsorship deals
  • Direct access and communication with their supporters to ensure their communities' wants are being met
Pain Points
  • Time management with creating content, even where they are unmotivated and their content KPIs aren't where they want them to be
  • Lack of direct network opportunities with gaming companies for deals or sponsorships unless they are contacted first
  • Limited means and connections for handling the legal concerns associated with streaming and producing content using brands' licensed intellectual property
Task flows

Now that VirtuRoam has its target users, I drafted up how they would use our platform.

This is the task flow created for VirtuRoam's prototyping process. It is from the POV of a campaign manager signing a new gaming content creator/influencer to a new sponsored partnership deal to stream a specific game.


This is the sitemap created for Gametrix's prototyping process.

Low-fidelity wireframes

These are the low-fidelity wireframes created from the task flow.

UI kit

The goal of VirtuRoam's design system was consistency with uniquely crafted iconography, reusable components, a balanced colour theme, and seamless typography.

Colour palette
Usability testing

Gathering insights I got users to test the high-fidelity prototypes to receive feedback.

After feedback from VirtuRoam users, the following iterations were made for a better user experience.

3/5 of users were confused about how to navigate the trending data packages.


This is the home page before iterations.


A neomorphic theme was added, better display hierarchy and additional text for clear and concise navigation of the home page.

3/5 of users felt that the imagery on this page could be improved.


This is the regional data plan search page before iterations.


A neomorphic theme was added and the button imagery was changed to monochrome so there wasn't too much of the primary colour displayed and used darker colours for easier readability.


These are key features for VirtuRoam.

New eSim management like never before.
VirtuRoam lets you purchase and manage eSims, create profiles for different travel experiences, track data usage, and supplies EMS and embassy information directly from the app!
Reflections & next steps

As I completed VirtuRoam, these are the things I've learned.


VirtuRoam was a special project for me because I saw this as an opportunity to better an already successful market. It allowed me to explore the travelling and lifestyle industries. I was satisfied with the feedback given by frequent travellers, especially user testing played a pivotal role in refining our app. Valuable feedback from testers led to iterative improvements, enhancing the app's usability and addressing user pain points. Insights from user testing informed both UI/UX enhancements and backend optimizations.

My eSim app met its goals and exemplified technology-transforming mobile connectivity while ensuring data security and privacy. It served as a valuable learning experience, reaffirming our dedication to innovation, user-centricity, sustainability, and excellence in the ever-evolving mobile technology landscape.



With industries as complex as telecommunications and travel, a lot of success relies heavily on the community trusting your product and its reliability. Travellers are open to trying new things if it brings them convenience, and they will take your product into their community and expand it organically if they like it. Because of such complexities, user interviews were extremely highlighted.

The next steps, with the limited time for this project, would've been more research into identifying if and why people are hesitant to try eSims and more pain points when it comes to eSims in general.



The flow that was designed focused more on our game developer/publisher user personas. The next design process would focus on expanding the EMS and embassy information feature and displaying how that information would be relayed. I would have loved to research different countries' safety information and precautions, as this is a feature I felt stood out from other eSim apps. I would have loved to design this if given more time on this project.

Test VirtuRoam prototype
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