Who am I?

I’m Pearl Adu, a product designer with an education background in special events management at George Brown College in Toronto and a certification in UX/UI design.

I am intentional about designing creatively to simplify complex experiences. Constantly growing and reflecting, with experience as a project manager and a social media manager, I also design 3D and motion graphics. Designing engaging and seamlessly intuitive interfaces with a focus on purpose and good intentions is what truly motivates me.

When I'm not designing, I'm delving into the world of video games, studying astronomy, and spending time with family.

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I enjoy speaking with people and seeing what problems they're having and how I can create a solution to the problem with design.

Product design is special to me because I get to tie my business and creative mind to the success of not just the users but also the market as a whole.



The future of design is 3D design. I felt as a designer that 3D was the best next thing to learn, so I made sure I did. It's always been a dream of mine to learn 3D design.

I created all 3D avatar versions of myself across my website as well, as well as the motion design in my home page loading video.

I've familiarized myself with Blender, and I plan to also learn Unreal Engine 5 and V/R design in the future.



The next step for me, after 3D design, was motion design. I love designing in 3D, but animating something and watching it move in real-time?

Let's just say I've satisfied the 12-year-old me who always wondered how Nintendo made Mario move. This is something I continue to practice and get better at every day.